2014 Census Training Hosted by UWYLS

Posted on June 3, 2014

Have you ever wondered how many people live in El Paso? How about the number of veterans in your community or the poverty rate? If so, you aren’t alone. With so much information on the internet these days how does one find and use this type of data in everyday life? On Friday May 16, 2014, the United Way Young Leaders Society of El Paso hosted a “Using Census Data for Community Analysis” training provided by Pauline Nunez from the Census Bureau to help answer these questions.

Since the first census in 1790, there has been a need for more detailed information other than the constitutionally required population counts. In 1902, the Census Bureau officially opened their doors under the Department of the Interior. Since then it has been collecting data on everything from poverty to healthcare. Data and statistics on every subject imaginable are now available online with just the click of a mouse. With so much endless information at your fingertips, the question still remains on how to filter through all that data and how to apply it to your job, education, and even deciding on where to live.

Pauline Nunez from the Census Bureau provided a basic outline for how individuals can access and use this information. With men and woman in a variety of fields attending the seminar, she was able to give some basic steps for how anyone can collect information. While some wanted to learn how to search detailed facts about veterans in El Paso County for a local non-profit, others wanted to research the changing demographics of Hispanics along the US/Mexico border. The Census Bureau has provided a very streamlined website that allows anyone with access to a computer to find the information they are looking for.

While it was a brief training, the Census Bureau does provide more detailed seminars for those looking for even more in-depth data. Information can be found on their website

Everyone who attended the training left with a better understanding about what data the Census Bureau collects and how to better access that information. Whether you need details on economic disparity in your region or simply have a curiosity about how many people commute to work, the Census Bureau is the place to find it all.

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